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The Nifty Dictionary: Diamond Hands

A dictionary-esque entry for the phrase "Diamond Hands": A long-term NFT holder; a person not concerned by short-term market prices.


Diamond hands is a term for someone who plans to hold onto an NFT long-term, with no concern about market conditions in the short term. The opposite of paper hands.


"I don't mind that the floor price for this collection has gone down recently. I've got diamond hands, baby! My NFT will be worth a lot one day."

"Those flippers are going to regret paper handing that NFT! The diamond hands know what's coming later. 👀"


A person is said to have diamond hands if they are a long-term NFT holder. Diamond hands are generally held in high regard in the NFT community, as their faith in artists helps create long-term demand for their creations.

Diamond hands collectors may be motivated by love or money: they may believe that the value of their NFT will increase significantly over the long-term, enabling them to sell for a high return in the future; or they may simply love the NFT so much that they want to keep it forever. In either case, such collectors cannot be convinced to part with their NFTs in the near-term.

The opposite of diamond hands is paper hands.

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