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Niftyist is a project to explore the rapidly evolving NFT space. My aim is to inform readers about new developments, experiments, and issues in the space, and to promote forward-thinking digital artists.

Niftyist is a blog and platform by J.T. Fales. J.T. is a collector, a DJ, and a music producer located outside of New York City.

As a longtime fan of electronic dance music, J.T. brings a sharp focus to the intersection of EDM and NFTs.

Niftyist may collect bounty or affiliate revenue from promoting some NFTs. This means that when a reader uses a Niftyist link to make a purchase on a site such as OpenSea, Niftyist will earn a small percentage of that sale. These purchases support the site, whose content is free. Nifyist will never promote NFTs or artists that we believe are shady, plagiarize, or otherwise provide negative value to buyers and the community.  

If you value the content on this site, please consider supporting the blog directly with a crypto or NFT donation to my wallet - and tell me about it, so I can thank you!

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