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Collect the Thirteenth Crypto City: Barcelona

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Note: As of 3/29/2023, I own an NFT in the CryptoCities Suburbs collection. I therefore have a financial stake in the CryptoCities brand. Links on this page may contain affiliate codes for OpenSea that could compensate me in the event you purchase an NFT.

This intricate piece caught my eye today on /r/NFT, as it's no doubt already caught yours: a voxellated city floating in a burnt orange sky, steeples and and a crane piercing up from the center. This is "Barcelona", the newest piece in the Crypto Cities collection, featuring the famed, and famously incomplete, La Sagrada Família cathedral.

The Crypto Cities project describes itself this way:

An art collection made up of voxel-based microcosms displaying iconic cities from real life/fiction. Only 123 unique cities to be minted.

This is a gorgeous collection, with each city featuring a unique ambiance crafted around its most beloved landmarks: Paris's Eiffel Tower; Rio's Cristo Redentor; and, my favorite, the crumbling Colosseum of Rome.

You can check out the other cities minted so far on OpenSea, including Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sydney, Berlin, Shanghai, and the surprising Pyongyang. Any one of these cities would make an impressive centerpiece in a collector's portfolio - and I certainly hope to have that honor one day!

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