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Announcing The Niftyist Podcast

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

For the past few months, I've been excitedly working on bringing to life The Niftyist Podcast - a venue for conversations with the visionaries, artists, and architects building the world of Web 3 and NFTs.

Today I am excited to say that it is finally live.

The mission of the Niftyist Podcast is to cut through all the noise and hone in on exactly what NFTs, and related web 3 technologies are useful for.

In other words, it's all about utility.

I will endeavor to answer the question by interviewing the creators at the cutting edge of the field - the people who are experimenting, tinkering, building, solving problems, and discovering new possibilities.

Episode 1 featuring Metageist available now!

Episode 1 focuses on Metageist, aka Lee Mason, a pioneer in the world of VR and AR art. In our candid and thought-provoking conversation, Metageist speaks to how web 3 technologies are radically altering the landscape of industries including art, gaming, and content production. He also explains why NFTs were such a natural medium for his work that enabled him to spend less time teaching and more time creating. (Hint: before NFTs, there was no real vehicle for a VR artist to sell their creations.)

One of the most fascinating projects Metageist is working on is called the Cyclops. This physical object, sold as an NFT, uses the special properties of NFTs and augmented reality to allow collectors to access a curated art exhibition only available to them.

We also talk about his experimental Metaphyla series that models the evolution of eight distinct creatures within the rapidly expanding metaverse landscape. (Disclosure: I own an NFT in this series).

And he tells me the dramatic story of The Basilisk, a 1/1 sculpture that was stolen from an art exhibition the day before it was to be auctioned off. Of particular interest is why he believes the pairing of the sculpture with an NFT actually renders the physical object less valuable than it would otherwise be - because physical objects cannot command the same utility as tokenized assets.

Our wide-ranging conversation covers numerous other topics, including Metageist's thoughts on the future of the metaverse; Metageist's expectations on how AI-generated art will create massive disruption as soon as this year; and we play a lightning round game called "Tired or Inspired?"

You can find the first episode of The Niftyist Podcast on your favorite podcasting app. For the first episode, I have created a short version and an extended version, both of which I am making available completely for free in the same feed. I simply ask that if you enjoy the episode, please share it with a friend, share it on social media, or leave a rating or review.

Cheers - and welcome to The Niftyist Podcast.


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