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Niftyist is a blog and network covering NFTs!

At the beginning of 2021, I found myself falling down the NFT rabbit hole, beginning to collect art on Nifty Gateway as I learned about the blockchain technology at the heart of this innovative technology. Several months later, I was deep down the rabbit hole, spending several hours a day continuing to learn about the space and trying to keep up with all of the exciting developments (a wildly impossible task).

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, I've found myself physically isolated from friends and struggling to meet new people. I've always loved teaching and sharing my excitement and passions with other people, and decided to create an online outlet where I can do that and get involved in the community. I hope that this site will help me get acquainted with innovators, artists, fans, collectors, technologists, and others who I hope to meet in person one day not too far in the future.

In addition, I see the potential for Niftyist to become an income stream. I will be exploring ways of monetizing content, such as posting links to awesome NFT pieces that will allow me to collect a "bounty" or affiliate fee.

I'm not sure exactly what Niftyist will look like in the months or years ahead. I just know that I'm super excited about the NFT space and I'm looking forward to connecting over that with you! Onward! :D

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